LLTM: How was the band name “Black Pink” created?

Jason: Our drummer Joe, was having a few drinks listening to Rihanna* and blown away by her voice, he made the comment she is the black version of Pink*, the artist. Both are awesome singers.

LLTM: Who has been your biggest musical influences, and will we hear a similarity in your sound?

Jason: We have so many influences but between the four of us we would say the main influences are Stone Temple Pilots*, Muse*, Van Halen*, U2*, Led Zeppelin*, and Black Sabbath*. We also can’t forget the biggest Aussie band AC/DC*.

LLTM: Which song off your newest EP seems to be the fan favorite?

Jason: Probably have to say ” Oh Not You Again” and also “Runaway“. Both are easy on the ears but still have balls and rock out.

LLTM: If you could open for any band or musician, who would it be and why?

Jason: It would have to be Chickenfoot*. During the early days of BlackPink and putting the band together, they were a huge influence on our sound. It would be a buzz opening up for them. Love to do a shot of tequila with Sammy.

LLTM: Do you think being from Australia influences your sound or style?

Jason: The live scene in Australia is tough and there are so many great original rock bands out there, so keeps us sharp. When we write songs we always look for hooks and something that stands out from the rest.

LLTM: If you had to choose to lose either your musical talent or your musical passion, which will be the hardest to lose and why?

Jason: Musical passion would be hardest to lose. No matter how much talent you have, if you don’t have the passion there is no vibe. We have all been playing music for a long time and it’s just a part of life.

LLTM: When writing lyrics, does it come more from a real life story, or the use of your imagination?

Jason: All of our songs are from real life experiences from relationships, everyday life, and funny things that have happened.

LLTM: Any touring plans for the remainder of 2017?

Jason: We will just keep plugging away at the local scene in Melbourne, there are so many great venues to play at. If any good opportunities come up, we would definitely consider them.

LLTM: What has the response been to your newest EP Release?

Jason: It has been awesome, we have had so many messages and emails of support from punters, fans and friends. We are really looking forward to playing the new EP songs live and at new venues.





Getting to Know Scott Artis (Vocals) and Tony Phillips (Guitarist) From Ohio Based Rock Band “Facing Fire”

LLTM:¬† How was the band’s name “Facing Fire” created?

Tony : We were thinking about names and “Facing Fire” came up. To me, it meant confronting your fears and fighting your battles. Everyone has them and, at some point, you must face them.

Scott: I think it was one of those names that meant a little something different to each of us, just like we feel it does to our fans. Ultimately, I think it has that feeling of overcoming whatever battles you are dealing with.

LLTM: What has been the response on your single, “Dying Inside”?

Tony: We have received an incredible amount of truly great compliments from people. It was the first song we wrote when we put the band together and to watch it come to life from recording it in the studio in Nashville, TN to the music video we shot for it – to hearing it play on the radio stations across the country.

Scott: Amazing! We honestly didn’t know what to expect from people when we put the single out. Instantly there was nothing but love and support. The message seemed to really resonate with people. For us as musicians and songwriters, it’s all we could ever ask for.

LLTM: Was “Dying Inside” lyrics written from any certain personal experience?

Scott: Everything I write comes from a personal experience. It may be something that I watched someone go through or something I went through myself. For “Dying Inside” it was a little bit of both. We get caught up in so ma,y situations in our lives that literally take over the important things. In our hometown drugs and alcohol has ruined so many families. I wrote these lyrics drawing from my personal experience with the issue. Overall, I think it was a message that basically said it isn’t to late.

LLTM: Who have your fans compared you to, and do you agree?

Tony: Well, so far, we just have the one single out in the public… but we have heard comparisons from Three Days Grace to Linkin Park… and can see where they see that a little bit. I personally think we sound like our own thing. I mean, we’re not reinventing the wheel or anything, here. We’re just writing what we feel. If that draws comparisons to other bands, that’s great. Hopefully, the EP that we are releasing will help to round out the sound of the band and people will get a better picture of the type of band that Facing Fire¬†is.

Scott: Yeah, so far it has seemed to be Three Days Grace and heavier style Linkin Park. I don’t really know why that is the comparison but we embrace it. I think the comparisons will start to take shape once people hear more of our music. Honestly, we have so many different influences and I like to think that they all come through our music in some way. We definitely want to be own band but if things we love find their way to influence our music then I’m good with that.

LLTM: If you could claim one song as your own, which one would it be and why?

Scott: Music is art to us so I think to try and claim what someone put their heart into is hard. Music comes from such a personal place in most in most musicians. I feel I couldn’t write their song and I don’t think they could write ours.

LLTM: How do you seem to overcome self-doubt in the music industry?

Tony: Well, Scott and I have been doing this stuff for a while. We’ve been in a few different bands together… and we’ve made some great decisions along the way… and a couple not-so-great decisions, too. But we own those decisions and roll with the consequences. With Facing Fire, we’re just doing everything we can to put our best foot forward- to make every song the best we can make it, to make every show count whether we’re playing for 5000 people or five people. There’s no room for doubt, so we talk things out… sometimes, we talk things out a lot. We may not always agree 100% with each other, but we always work it out to something we both are happy with and believe will help the band move forward… and that’s what it’s all about, in the end- the success of the band.

Scott: I think to be successful in the industry you just have to put it out of your mind. This business is all about rejection. We lay our heart out there for people to see and you always have those people that don’t understand it and try to bash it. The band has to be like family. You have to be there for each other. If you start doubting yourself it becomes really hard to be open and honest in your music.

LLTM: As a musician, what is the most important thing to you?

Tony: When I started playing guitar, I wanted to be a “shredder.” I wanted to cram as many notes into a guitar solo as I possibly could. It was fun, it got me noticed… Nowadays, I barely ever write a solo into a song. I’m more concerned with crafting a song that grabs the listener’s ear and gets their heads bobbing and then letting Scott write the lyrics that pull them in and gets them singing along.

Scott: To create music that people can relate to and allows me to have an outlet for things I can relate to.

LLTM: If you could be any cartoon character, who would you be and why?

Tony: The possibilities are endless, here… but if i had to pick one character, I would pick Calvin from Bill Watterson’s “Calvin & Hobbes” comic strip. Calvin was the best, had the best imagination a child could possibly have, was a complete smartass, and had an imaginary cat for a best friend. He was never afraid to call anyone out on their bullshit and saw the world for the truly incredible place that it is.

Scott: Hmmm it’s not really a character but i will go with one of the Voltron guys. I love the concept that they are stronger when they come together. I think in this situation it relates well!

LLTM: Has there been any funny moments while on tour or during a show?

Scott: Looking back there are many from stories. Sleeping in our car one night in Nashville because of no hotel rooms due to the NCAA tournament is definitely a funny moment, not so much at the time. haha

LLTM: When can the fans except Facing Fire’s newest EP to be released?

Tony: We’re working with our label, Pavement Entertainment, on that as we speak. It should hopefully be available on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Music, ect. soon.

LLTM: What does the touring schedule look like for the remainder of 2017 and early 2018?

Tony: We are working to set up some shows around the country in the next few months. There have been some opportunities presented to us for some touring with a couple different bands, but we are going to stay quiet on that until we can talk more about it.


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Getting To Know Danno, Drummer of Baltimore Based Hard Rock Band “Silvertung”

LLTM: How was the band name “Silvertung” created?

Danno:That happened at an early rehearsal for the band. A porn movie was on in the background and someone said “Silver Tongue” and Speed said, That would be a great name for the band, but lets spell it¬†“Silvertung”

LLTM: Who have your fans compared you to and do you agree? Why or why not?

Danno: Our fans were just talking about that on one of the Social Media sites and they compared us to Five Finger Death Punch, Breaking Benjamin, Pop Evil, Alice In Chains and a bunch of others. ¬†It’s very flattering…we can only be “Silvertung“. We have influences just like every band does.¬† We create music that we love playing.

LLTM: What has been the easiest thing so far in the music industry, and what’s been the most challenging?

Danno: The easiest and the most fun we have is playing live. There’s nothing better than getting on stage and sweating our hearts out for people who appreciate what¬† we do.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†The most challenging- there’s so many obstacles in the music industry. The music business landscape is changing in dramatic ways and the dynamism of the environment requires us to think in new ways. Radio is important, but so is advertising, promotion and marketing. Media is proliferating and publicity is a valuable means of getting attention for us. We’re growing and still introducing ourselves to the world. I believe we have a story worth telling. Silvertung isn’t about being in fashion, it’s about us being true to ourselves.¬†I’ve read lots of stories declaring that rock is dead. that music is dying out or losing it’s luster. The days of living the “rock star” life are few and far. It’s tough and we’ve been very fortunate to have 3 Billboard Rock Radio Chart hits, it’s not easy.

LLTM: If any one of your songs could be on a movie soundtrack, which song and what movie would it appear on?

Danno: “Face The Music” because it was inspired by something our manager said to us, “Keep pushing forward, don’t worry about what anyone says, because that doesn’t matter in the long run.” The lyrics are about taking some of the negative reactions and turning it into something positive. For what movie would it appear in… I’m going “old school” and say “Rocky.” Just like Rocky, we’re the underdogs, but we believe in our music and what we’re doing. This is our time to rise up and take our shot at the title.

LLTM: When was the moment when you realized that you wanted to be a musician for a career and not just as a hobby?

Danno: This is all I’ve ever wanted to do. I was a real little kid the first time I heard my dad playing Metallica and I started banging on stuff and fell in love with the drums. I started hanging out and jamming with the older kids in the neighborhood and joined a few bands. When I met Speed, I found someone who shared my passion for music and we started writing together. There’s nothing better than hanging out with my brothers in the band, playing and creating new music together.

LLTM: What 3 words best describe Silvertung’s sound/style?

Danno: Aggressive, high performance, yet I believe we retain some melodic elements. It’s all about the songs for us.

LLTM: What is your 5 year goal for the band and what will it take to get there?

Danno: Touring, touring, touring!! We’re writing new music all the time. We want to continuously release new music every year. It’s a digital world, people aren’t buying physical CD’s like they used to. The latest trend is downloading a bands latest single or listening on Spotify. Our goal is keep writing new music, keep touring, and recording when we’re not on the road. Silvertung isn’t going away, new challenges lay ahead and we’re eager to embrace them.

LLTM: What do you hope people will get out of your music?

Danno: Enjoyment. A chance to¬†escape whatever problems we all have in life. Getting up on that stage and performing is my escape. Playing music eclipses anything I’ve ever felt. It’s my passion and runs through my veins.

LLTM: With your new EP “Lighten Up” being released October 27th, (the first single “Dig” hits radio October 9th) what are the differences and the similarities to your last album “Out Of The Box”?

Danno: “Out Of The Box” is what Silvertung has always been about and who we are- which is a hard rock band. That’s what we do best. I love the aggressive presentation, it’s a very “in your face” release. With “Lighten Up,” people will hear Silvertung. like they have heard before. This is an all acoustic release. We’ve done some acoustic shows, but with “Lighten Up,” we reinvented each track for this release. It is the most innocent…hearts on our sleeves…exposed the nerve…kind of record. We took the honest approach on it and recorded it in the studio. We set up facing one another and performed the tracks live. We spent two days in the studio. The first day ourselves going over the arrangements and preparations. On the second day, we invited a few friends and some media people into the studio so we could perform live for them. We ran through the set list a few times and that is the basis of the release. It was very different for us and for everyone there. It felt more like¬†a jam session.¬† “Lighten Up” gave us a chance to stretch out and do something different. It’s already fired us up for our next release. We’ve already written 8 new songs and have booked studio time after the first of the New Year.

LLTM: Are there any shows or tours for the remainder of 2017?

Danno: YES- we have a few short runs that we are going to NC, TN, FL, SC, PA, VA, WV, OH and a few other places. We’ll finish off the rest of the year with shows. In between we will continue to write, rehearse and work out new material to prepare for our next release. We had a band meeting yesterday at our managers house and there’s so much going on with this band. Things I’m not allowed to talk about YET. It’s very exciting for us.



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Getting Real With Brandon Hurley from Rock band “Octalux”

LLTM: Is there a special meaning or backstory to the band name “Octalux”?

Brandon: We tell people it’s Latin for orgasm, it’s not, but people buy it haha. Actually the name came about because one of my favorite Lexington bands was “Supafuzz” and I wanted something cool like that, so me and a friend were drinking one night trying to come up with names and “Octalux” was written on a piece of paper, I don’t know which one of us named it, it doesn’t sound anything like I wanted, but we went with it and it’s to late to change it now haha.

LLTM: What song would you recommend a newbie to listen to you, to get a feel of what Octalux is all about?

Brandon: Hmm, “Ashtray Face” or “Chromosome” or “Emo Song” those are pretty good, but in all honesty, Octalux is all about self belief, defining what you will and won’t do, no matter the obstacles, you only fail when you quit, so we never quit. We’re all about empowering people to do for themselves with their lives what they want to do. We never say anything about level of difficulty or time frame for achieving dreams, don’t look at the clock and don’t get caught looking at the height of the mountain.

LLTM: For sound comparison, who would you compare yourself to you and why?

Brandon: We’re an all original high energy rock band, all of us love all kinds of different music. Brent is all about 90’s rock, Tony is all about great guitar playing and Chase and I are card carrying members of the KISS Army!  I grew up listening to my dads old country albums, so when I learned to sing and play, it was all Hank Williams Sr. and Johnny Cash as well as Barry Manilow and John Denver and tons of rock! All the greats!!

LLTM: If you could walk in the shoes of anyone for 24 hours, who would it be and why?

Brandon: Nobody, because no one could be a better me than me, and I couldn’t do justice to someone else’s life because each of us is made with special talents and gifts, that makes us “us” and I wouldn’t have access to anyone else’s past experiences that have shaped them into who they are today. I hope  that counts as an answer. But just for fun I guess Paul Stanley, playing a KISS show in all his glory would be fun!

LLTM: If you had to give up one thing for one month, to perform with anyone for one hour, what would you give up and who would you perform with?

Brandon: TV or sex, both are fun, but can be a major distraction and as for who? Probably Marc Hutner of the 90’s band Sugartooth,  their 1st album has always been a major go to for me, the lyrics, guitar tones, feel, and everything, that’s who I’d perform with!

LLTM: If you could relate to any cartoon character, who would it be and why?

Brandon: Me personally, I’d say Daffy Duck, his sarcasm is a lot like mine. As a group I’d say we’re like “Super Friends”, we all bring something different to the table and we’re out to save the rock n roll world!!

LLTM: If you had a one person audience, who will it be and why?

Brandon: James Hetfield or my dad, Hetfield for all the inspiration and my dad, who’s passed away, never got to see me perform and he gave up his dreams of performing when he and mom had my older brother.

LLTM: What is one thing on your bucket list, you get to have completed?

Brandon: To write the perfect song, to own a Ibanez Iceman w/o something horrible happening within months of me getting it. I’ve had 3 and bad juju followed me each time I got one, I refuse haha.

LLTM: Has the writing and recording process began for new album or EP?

Brandon: We kicked off our return to the rock world in late ’15, started the “Atomic” run of shows in early ’16 and between interviews, shows and all the business side and a ton of personal issues for each of us on the aide, we managed to write an album and a 1/2 worth of new material, so the writing is all but finished, save a few lyrics and melodies, we started recording “Noize in the Blood” in August and things are going quite well so far, we’re trying something new as it’s an interactive recording process where we take anyone who’s following us in social media and give them snippets of the actual recording process, behind the scenes footage, pics, ect and we put different things in different platforms so there’s always something new people can find.

LLTM: Any touring plans for the remainder of 2017?

Brandon: No, we’re playing some shows with friends, the Outlands Rock Fest w/ Tantric, Smile Empty Soul and then some promo stuff. We’re pretty open about opportunities so if something comes along we may, but if not, we’re just going to focus on “Noize in the Blood” and worry about melting faces in 2018!!

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Getting To Know Hard Rock Band “Screaming For Silence”

LLTM: Is there a special meaning or back story to the band name “Screaming For Silence”?

SFS: It was a pretty cliché story. Danny our guitarist actually woke up out of a dream and wrote the name down but I can tell you it was ten times better than the other names we had picked out.

LLTM: Who have your fans compared you to and do you agree?

SFS: We get a pretty good mix,. We’ve heard a lot of older sounding Papa Roach* and we’ve heard Atreyu*.¬† You know as far as sounding like other bands that’s cool, As long as they are digging the music that’s what matters to us.

LLTM: What has been the most exciting memory in your career so far?

SFS: For me, mine was getting to play at Westfair in Co Bluffs, IA. Growing up, we would go to many shows out there and see so many awesome bands. I just wanted to do what they were doing. We’ve had the chance to play it a few times now and it’s always my favorite.

LLTM: Which song off the “House Of Glass” EP has seem to be a fan favorite?

SFS: You know we have heard a few names tossed around. “Long Way Up” has seemed to be getting a good reaction. Personally that one is one of my favs because it has¬†a lot of personal feelings from us in that song.

LLTM: If you could pick one of your songs to be on a movie soundtrack, which song would you pick and what movie soundtrack would it appear on?

SFS: I think we would want any of our songs to be on “Star Wars“. It doesn’t fit at all but we love “Star Wars” and a lot of people watch it.

LLTM: If you could open for any band, who would it be and why?

SFS: For me it would be Slipknot*. I grew up in the central IA area watching them just explode into a gigantic band. It would be cool to share the stage with those guys.

LLTM: If you could walk in the shoes of any artist for 24 hours, who would it be and why?

SFS: Corey Taylor*. That guy can do anything. He goes from crushing stages with Slipknot* or could go play an acoustic for hours and have people singing along to all of the songs.

LLTM: If you had a one person audience, who would be attending your show?

SFS: Ken Tatroe

LLTM: When can we expect a new full length album or EP to be released?

SFS: We’re kind of taking this new release one step at a time, to see where it takes us. After a few months on the road with this, we will take a step back and see what will come next.

LLTM: What does the tour schedule look like for the remainder of 2017?

SFS: Lots of dates. We took some time off before this release, which was the first time in years that we weren’t active on the road.¬† So, we are excited to just be back out and get to see everyone again.






Getting To Know Jason Delismon, Lead Vocalist/Guitarist for Rock Band “Frontline”

LLTM: Is there a special meaning to the band name “Frontline”?

Jason: Originally in my career I started off as a drummer. I always play guitar and sing but not in a professional setting and I decided when I was coming up with band names, I believe I said once “now I am on the frontline” after that, that name stuck with me.

LLTM: Who has been your biggest musical inspiration and can we hear any similarities in your sound?

Jason: I am a huge fan of Shinedown, The Fray, Seether, 10 Years, Chevelle, Led Zeppelin, Foo Fighters, Silverchair and Halestorm, just to name a few.

LLTM: If you could borrow any musician from a different band for one show, who would it be and why?

Jason: Lzzy Hale of Halestorm. She is an incredible singer and very down to earth.

LLTM: Which original song are you the most proud of and why?

Jason: I don’t have a specific favorite that I’m proud of. I am proud of the whole album because it is a vision that I’ve had for a long time and finally stepped up in a typical Dave Grohl fashion from behind the kit to frontman and songwriter.

LLTM: For comparison of sound, who would you say “Frontline” sounds similar to?

Jason: We have many influences, but we try to not sound like anybody and stay true to just being who we are and being original. In the past I’ve been in situations where we were so focused on trying to find that sound where as in this project we just let the music breathe and be free.

LLTM: What is the number one misconception of being a musician today?

Jason: People tend to think that music is just about sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll, but that’s not true. Music is an identity of yourself and what you can express to the fans and there’s a lot of work that goes into it, from putting on a great show, to setting up equipment, tearing down equipment, driving to different venues, in different cities.

LLTM: If you could work with any artist (any genre), dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Jason: There are a few bands in mind definitely Shinedown, Halestorm, definitely Led Zeppelin. Excellent song writers and you could feel the music it’s not sterile at all.

LLTM: If you were stranded in the mountains and you could only take two items with you, what would they be and why?

Jason: A picture of my family and my acoustic guitar. The picture to remind me that I need to try and figure out a way to get home safe, and my guitar to write about my experiences at the current moments  that I am stranded.

LLTM: Is there any touring in the plans for the remainder of 2017?

Jason: We are currently working on coordinating that behind the scenes. We definitely need to be out there cycling our new album and hopefully gaining new fans.

LLTM: Has the process began for a new album, and if so when can we expect it to be released?

Jason: We are already currently in the studio demoing new music and we already have a good catalog started. We have no release date for that new album, as we just released June 2nd, our debut album “Cold World”









Getting To Know Scott Wilson, Newest Member Of The Chart Topping Rock Band Saving Abel*


LLTM: Considering you were the second longest standing member of the platinum selling band “Tantric”, how hard of a decision was it to make to leave and join the band “Saving Abel”?

Scott: Yes it was a difficult decision. We as bands invest our whole lives in our¬†careers as well as our music. After many years of touring and going thru ups and downs, the personal part of it is tough as well. Hugo and I have been through a lot together. However, the other members have filtered thru many times. While I’ve created awesome friendships many of those players it seems that many of those people come and go quickly. Saving Abel* are amazing guys and it was a super easy transition. They had a business plan and I had already been writing some ideas with the band.

LLTM:¬† Have your personal goals changed any since joining “Saving Abel”?

Scott: With Tantric*, we started recording an amazing album. As a musician my whole goal is for people to hear and feel the emotion that we create through music. Saving Abel already had plans to record a new record and came out swinging hard. So that fit right up my alley and my plans.

LLTM: What is the biggest difference between “Tantric” and “Saving Abel” in general?

Scott: Well the music is very different, TANTRIC was more melodic strange mosh, a lot of styles of music. Saving Abel is straight down the middle rock ‘n’ roll. The other part of Saving Abel that’s awesome is everyone in the band works really hard towards the Business as well as for their fans. This is a huge plus for me. With a constant flow of new members in TANTRIC it seems that I was left holding the bag a lot of times as far as workload.

LLTM: What has been the funniest memory while being on tour during your music career?

Scott. Wow there are so many hilarious memories. One of the best would have to¬† be when Hugo fell through the stage. It looked like a scene from “Money Pit” with Tom Hanks. His torso was through the hole, his arms were jammed in the hole and he had two little T Rex arms sticking up. That was hilarious.

LLTM: What is one thing you wish you could’ve warned yourself about the music industry before starting your career?

Scott: I grew up with a lot of people from the industry who had kind of given me a good idea of what a music career was all about. I guess the one thing they may have left out was be prepared for a lot of unexpected.

LLTM: Who has been your biggest musical inspiration?

Scott: There are so many. As I stated before many of my mentors are from my home town in Berea, Ky. Theses guys graced many stages. I’ll name a few. Randy Hayes. Huston Barger, Mike Chanberlain, there’s a bunch. A far as longtime heros!

LLTM: If you had to make a choice as a musician, to  be blind or deaf, which one would you choose and why?

Scott: Blind. Hearing is a career ender. I do a lot of studio session work. Not hearing would make that impossible.


LLTM: With the world of music being crushed again by the tremendous loss Of Linkin Park’s lead vocalist Chester Bennington, on July 20th 2017, what more do you think should be done for mental health awareness?

Scott: As musicians many of us are wired differently. Science has proven creative people are more prone to mental issues.¬† I feel it’s the side we draw from for creation. We are emotional people, that’s why we are able to translate emotion to song.

I don’t necessarily believe this is an issue in music.¬† I believe it’s a human issue. We all need to open up and know it’s OK to have a bad day. But be kind to each other and care even the slightest bit about strangers. Be human.

LLTM: What does the touring schedule look like for “Saving Abel”¬† for the remainder of 2017?

Scott: We have a lot of upcoming dates and we are really excited about our tour called “The Redneck Rebellion Tour” with Soil* coming up September/October.

LLTM: Are there any expectations of a new “Saving Abel” album anytime in the near future?

Scott: We are riding now for a new record to be recorded in November/December 2017 and plan on having a single out early 2018.


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Getting To Know The Talented New York Based Hard Rock Musician “Ian Brown”

LLTM: Is there a reason you used your name as the band name, instead of coming up with a different name?

Ian: I honestly don’t want to keep it my name, but I make¬†and write ¬†everything myself so I was like “oh well there are a lot of artists that use their names”.

LLTM: With mental health being a big issue that is so hush-hush and people are afraid to talk about, what has been the response to your song/video “Anxiety”?

Ian: The response has been pretty good actually, I gained some new fans and had a few of them message me thanking me for making music, and that song in particular. I just want people to know that they are NOT alone.

LLTM: Who has been your biggest musical inspiration and can we hear that in your music?

Ian: It’s hard to narrow down to one artist but, for instance writing this new record I listened to a lot of Hinder*, Our Last Night* and Falling In Reverse*. As far as similarities, I kinda¬†write whatever comes out, I think every band would agree, that we don’t like to copy cat ha ha. However I’m sure you will be able to hear some similarities here and there throughout the album! But I’ve been told by different people that “This sounds like Skillet*, or this sounds like Crown The Empire*” ¬†One thing I keep hearing is that my voice sounds like Patrick Stump* of Fall Out Boy, Chester Bennington of Linkin Park, and even the original singer from Hinder*. So those are kind of cool things to hear!

LLTM: What has been the most difficult thing you came across in the music industry and what has been the easiest so far?

Ian: Difficult- ¬†would have to be getting my name out there and also getting in contact with “bigger” people is a tough thing to do. Easiest- I’d say (when it does happen) is having an awesome song just come right to you and you write it all down and make it as big as possible!

LLTM: If you could be any cartoon character who would it be and why?

Ian: Hmmm, that’s a tough one, I have to say Timmy Turner from “Fairly Odd Parents” because he can literally wish for anything he wants, I think that’d be so cool (for a while at least) haha.

LLTM: When was the defining moment in your life, when you knew you wanted to be a musician?

Ian: I feel like my whole life I’ve always been affected by music, but if I were to pinpoint a time I’d say I was probably 12 years old and I taught myself how to play guitar by listening to Green Day’s “American Idiot” album.

LLTM: If you could work with any artist (any genre), Dead or alive for one day, who will it be and why?

Ian: ¬†This is a super tough one, but I feel like it would have to be “Memphis May Fire” they just seem like a really cool group of dudes to hang out with¬†and their writing style is so unique.

LLTM: If you could claim any song as your own, which song would it be and why?

Ian: I feel like it would be a My Chemical Romance* song, “Welcome To The Black Parade” maybe? Those dudes knew how to make some hits!

LLTM: When can we expect a EP or a full length album to be released?

Ian: My new full length album “Never Be” (12 songs), I’m hoping to release in February 2018, But I will however have some surprises along the way! But my debut EP “Hand & Hearted” is still available on all online store so be sure to check that out!

LLTM: Are there any plans for touring in the future? 

Ian: There are definitely big plans for this project, but I am currently networking with promoters to figure all of that out! We will just have to wait and see!


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Song Review “Theosis – “Skies of Hell””¬†


“THEOSIS” is a talented and energetic, melodic death metal band from San Diego California.¬†

The band members consist of JOSH HASKINS-lead vocals, DANA ROSELLI- guitarist, LEE BURGOS-guitarist, SHANE SARPY- bass and last but not least OMAR GUITERREZ- drums.

Some of “Theosis” musical influences include PANTERA*, ¬†IRON MAIDEN*, SLAYER*, MEGADEATH*, ¬†LAMB OF GOD* AND JUDAS PRIEST*.

Once I first hit play to listen to the song “Skies of Hell”, I quickly realized that they definitely acquired some of the similar sounds and style from their musical influences starting with the absolutely amazing melodic and harmonic guitar riffs, and the vocals that you can sense the frustration through the lyrics, and man don’t forget about the hard-hitting drums! But they also have their very own type of sound and style. This song is full of amazing energy and will definitely get you moving.¬†

Some of the strong lyrics:

Questions directed into the sky

Yet still we beg, plead and then cry

Answers for me late from below

Of a pain this world should know

Black souls walk the world in perfect human disguise

Tragedy finds not the ones we all despise



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Getting To Know Marko DeSantis, Lead Guitarist and Co-Founder of The Amazing Rock Band “SUGARCULT”

LLTM: How was the band name Sugarcult created?

Marko: Well, it has to do with hippies and lesbians… When our singer Tim Pagnotta first moved away from home at age 18, he lived in an apartment across the hall from a¬†lesbian gang of sorts that play fully called themselves “the Sugar Cult”; according to a legend, a “Sugar Cult” was slang for an all girl (& possibly lesbian) hippie commune. It’s one of those cautionary tales of: be-careful-what-juvenile-pseudo-clever-idea-you-use-as-your-band-name-when-you’re-just-doing-it-as-a-fun-hobby… ’cause you might actually become professionals & get famous eventually!

LLTM: If Sugarcult could have a big come back tour with three bands,who would you want to be part of your lineup?

Marko: Our Singer Tim, has become an extraordinarily successful producer and I love many of the bands he’s made records for ( Neon Trees, Walk The Moon, Dreamcar, Waters, Coin, ect.) so it would be fun to bring some of them. And an underrated band we owe a lot to¬† for early influence and inspiration was the 90s band “Superdrag”, so maybe them. Then we probably throw in¬†the Foo Fighters, Green Day, ¬†Madonna, and/or Katy Perry a bone and let them play first.

LLTM: When was the big moment you realized wow we have made it?

Marko: There where a few watershed moments along the way: -about a year into being a local band (in our hometown Santa Barbara CA), when our friends stopped encouraging us to give it up & instead starting asking if we would put them on the guest list (+1); which meant, being at a Sugarcult show was becoming a hot date & could possibly get you laid! -When we 1st loaded our gear into the recording studio to make what would become “Start Static” (2001) -When we first heard our song “Stuck In America” randomly came on the radio while we were on tour, in our van, stuck in hopeless traffic on the way to Chicago. -When One of our all-time favorite bands, Green Day, invited us to be their opening act on their “American Idiot” tours of USA & Japan. Those where all some of this-feels-like-the-real-thing moments.

LLTM: You played your first show in six years on May 14, 2017 at the Fonda Theater in Los Angeles California, what took so long and why that particular venue and event?

Marko: Well, to be clear, that was not a Sugarcult show; it was in all star jam of sorts to raise awareness and money for Sweet Relief which helps musicians with health and medical needs. I was part of a supergroup for the night with my pals from the band 5 Seconds of Summer* (drummer Ashton Irwin & bassist Calum Hood; who, as it turns out, are big fans of Sugarcult!) and an old friend and former tour-mate John Feldmann from Goldfinger*, who is an incredibly successful  record producer now ( Blink 182*, All Time Low*, The Used*, etc). It felt so good to play in front of a big crowd and reminded me how much I love playing live!

LLTM: Of all the Sugarcult albums, which is your most accomplished piece of work in your opinion?

Marko: I know this sounds overly diplomatic in non-committal, but we love all of our children equally, even as diverse and unique as each of our records are, they were all really fun to make (not unlike actual children, by the way!) Sadly, our most overlooked record is probably our last one,”Lights Out”, which is probably the closest we came to achieving this sound and vibe we were searching for all along.

LLTM: If you had a one person audience who would you want it to be and why?

Marko: Maybe my mom so she could console me as I cried. In our early days I actually recall playing to a one person audience; the bartender at an empty dive bar show.

LLTM: What piece of advice would you have given yourself about the music industry when you first started in the 90s?

Marko: Pick your battles, don’t freak out about every little nuance in detail. Communicate more compassionately. Trust the process and be sure to keep it fun and romantic. It’s only rock ‘n’ roll!

LLTM: If you could walk in the shoes of anyone, dead or alive who would it be and who would you like to walk in your shoes?

Marko: We’re all on our own path, so I’m not so sure this would do any of us much good. Plus, I have very expensive taste in shoes, so y’all can just get your nasty paws the hell out of my Saint Laurents!

LLTM: Sugarcult has released six albums, when can we expect number seven?

Marko: I would love to make another Sugarcult Record, I still feel like our best is yet to come; our America Idiot, Joshua Tree, Exhile on Main Street, later-in-career classic y’know? ¬†The truth is, it’s all on our singer Tim Pagnotta; ¬†he’s The only one preventing us from making more music, playing shows, etc. He’s so busy with his career as a producer for other people’s records, that he simply has no interest in fronting his own band anymore. As sad as this makes me ( and our fans), ¬†I don’t blame him, if anything it makes me respect and admire him more than ever. He is a true artist that follows his heart and does what he’s passionate about and not just what’s expedient and expected of him. Tim could care less that there is a huge pop punk/emo revival happening right now, he is the least nostalgic and sentimental person I know. All that said, I think for those same reasons, when/if we make another Sugarcult Record, it won’t be a throwback to “Memory ” and “Bouncing Off The Walls”, it will be a living, breathing reflection of this day and age. Fingers crossed!

LLTM: Are there any plans of A full length tour this year if so when and if not, why?

Marko: Nothing on the books as of now. See above and do the math! I am hoping to do a book soon; so look for me out there doing guest lectures and speaking engagements, DJ gigs and hopefully jumping on stage with my guitar here in there with anyone that wants to party!
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