Getting To Know Hard Rock Band “Screaming For Silence”

LLTM: Is there a special meaning or back story to the band name “Screaming For Silence”?

SFS: It was a pretty cliché story. Danny our guitarist actually woke up out of a dream and wrote the name down but I can tell you it was ten times better than the other names we had picked out.

LLTM: Who have your fans compared you to and do you agree?

SFS: We get a pretty good mix,. We’ve heard a lot of older sounding Papa Roach* and we’ve heard Atreyu*.¬† You know as far as sounding like other bands that’s cool, As long as they are digging the music that’s what matters to us.

LLTM: What has been the most exciting memory in your career so far?

SFS: For me, mine was getting to play at Westfair in Co Bluffs, IA. Growing up, we would go to many shows out there and see so many awesome bands. I just wanted to do what they were doing. We’ve had the chance to play it a few times now and it’s always my favorite.

LLTM: Which song off the “House Of Glass” EP has seem to be a fan favorite?

SFS: You know we have heard a few names tossed around. “Long Way Up” has seemed to be getting a good reaction. Personally that one is one of my favs because it has¬†a lot of personal feelings from us in that song.

LLTM: If you could pick one of your songs to be on a movie soundtrack, which song would you pick and what movie soundtrack would it appear on?

SFS: I think we would want any of our songs to be on “Star Wars“. It doesn’t fit at all but we love “Star Wars” and a lot of people watch it.

LLTM: If you could open for any band, who would it be and why?

SFS: For me it would be Slipknot*. I grew up in the central IA area watching them just explode into a gigantic band. It would be cool to share the stage with those guys.

LLTM: If you could walk in the shoes of any artist for 24 hours, who would it be and why?

SFS: Corey Taylor*. That guy can do anything. He goes from crushing stages with Slipknot* or could go play an acoustic for hours and have people singing along to all of the songs.

LLTM: If you had a one person audience, who would be attending your show?

SFS: Ken Tatroe

LLTM: When can we expect a new full length album or EP to be released?

SFS: We’re kind of taking this new release one step at a time, to see where it takes us. After a few months on the road with this, we will take a step back and see what will come next.

LLTM: What does the tour schedule look like for the remainder of 2017?

SFS: Lots of dates. We took some time off before this release, which was the first time in years that we weren’t active on the road.¬† So, we are excited to just be back out and get to see everyone again.






Getting To Know Jason Delismon, Lead Vocalist/Guitarist for Rock Band “Frontline”

LLTM: Is there a special meaning to the band name “Frontline”?

Jason: Originally in my career I started off as a drummer. I always play guitar and sing but not in a professional setting and I decided when I was coming up with band names, I believe I said once “now I am on the frontline” after that, that name stuck with me.

LLTM: Who has been your biggest musical inspiration and can we hear any similarities in your sound?

Jason: I am a huge fan of Shinedown, The Fray, Seether, 10 Years, Chevelle, Led Zeppelin, Foo Fighters, Silverchair and Halestorm, just to name a few.

LLTM: If you could borrow any musician from a different band for one show, who would it be and why?

Jason: Lzzy Hale of Halestorm. She is an incredible singer and very down to earth.

LLTM: Which original song are you the most proud of and why?

Jason: I don’t have a specific favorite that I’m proud of. I am proud of the whole album because it is a vision that I’ve had for a long time and finally stepped up in a typical Dave Grohl fashion from behind the kit to frontman and songwriter.

LLTM: For comparison of sound, who would you say “Frontline” sounds similar to?

Jason: We have many influences, but we try to not sound like anybody and stay true to just being who we are and being original. In the past I’ve been in situations where we were so focused on trying to find that sound where as in this project we just let the music breathe and be free.

LLTM: What is the number one misconception of being a musician today?

Jason: People tend to think that music is just about sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll, but that’s not true. Music is an identity of yourself and what you can express to the fans and there’s a lot of work that goes into it, from putting on a great show, to setting up equipment, tearing down equipment, driving to different venues, in different cities.

LLTM: If you could work with any artist (any genre), dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Jason: There are a few bands in mind definitely Shinedown, Halestorm, definitely Led Zeppelin. Excellent song writers and you could feel the music it’s not sterile at all.

LLTM: If you were stranded in the mountains and you could only take two items with you, what would they be and why?

Jason: A picture of my family and my acoustic guitar. The picture to remind me that I need to try and figure out a way to get home safe, and my guitar to write about my experiences at the current moments  that I am stranded.

LLTM: Is there any touring in the plans for the remainder of 2017?

Jason: We are currently working on coordinating that behind the scenes. We definitely need to be out there cycling our new album and hopefully gaining new fans.

LLTM: Has the process began for a new album, and if so when can we expect it to be released?

Jason: We are already currently in the studio demoing new music and we already have a good catalog started. We have no release date for that new album, as we just released June 2nd, our debut album “Cold World”









Getting To Know Scott Wilson, Newest Member Of The Chart Topping Rock Band Saving Abel*


LLTM: Considering you were the second longest standing member of the platinum selling band “Tantric”, how hard of a decision was it to make to leave and join the band “Saving Abel”?

Scott: Yes it was a difficult decision. We as bands invest our whole lives in our¬†careers as well as our music. After many years of touring and going thru ups and downs, the personal part of it is tough as well. Hugo and I have been through a lot together. However, the other members have filtered thru many times. While I’ve created awesome friendships many of those players it seems that many of those people come and go quickly. Saving Abel* are amazing guys and it was a super easy transition. They had a business plan and I had already been writing some ideas with the band.

LLTM:¬† Have your personal goals changed any since joining “Saving Abel”?

Scott: With Tantric*, we started recording an amazing album. As a musician my whole goal is for people to hear and feel the emotion that we create through music. Saving Abel already had plans to record a new record and came out swinging hard. So that fit right up my alley and my plans.

LLTM: What is the biggest difference between “Tantric” and “Saving Abel” in general?

Scott: Well the music is very different, TANTRIC was more melodic strange mosh, a lot of styles of music. Saving Abel is straight down the middle rock ‘n’ roll. The other part of Saving Abel that’s awesome is everyone in the band works really hard towards the Business as well as for their fans. This is a huge plus for me. With a constant flow of new members in TANTRIC it seems that I was left holding the bag a lot of times as far as workload.

LLTM: What has been the funniest memory while being on tour during your music career?

Scott. Wow there are so many hilarious memories. One of the best would have to¬† be when Hugo fell through the stage. It looked like a scene from “Money Pit” with Tom Hanks. His torso was through the hole, his arms were jammed in the hole and he had two little T Rex arms sticking up. That was hilarious.

LLTM: What is one thing you wish you could’ve warned yourself about the music industry before starting your career?

Scott: I grew up with a lot of people from the industry who had kind of given me a good idea of what a music career was all about. I guess the one thing they may have left out was be prepared for a lot of unexpected.

LLTM: Who has been your biggest musical inspiration?

Scott: There are so many. As I stated before many of my mentors are from my home town in Berea, Ky. Theses guys graced many stages. I’ll name a few. Randy Hayes. Huston Barger, Mike Chanberlain, there’s a bunch. A far as longtime heros!

LLTM: If you had to make a choice as a musician, to  be blind or deaf, which one would you choose and why?

Scott: Blind. Hearing is a career ender. I do a lot of studio session work. Not hearing would make that impossible.


LLTM: With the world of music being crushed again by the tremendous loss Of Linkin Park’s lead vocalist Chester Bennington, on July 20th 2017, what more do you think should be done for mental health awareness?

Scott: As musicians many of us are wired differently. Science has proven creative people are more prone to mental issues.¬† I feel it’s the side we draw from for creation. We are emotional people, that’s why we are able to translate emotion to song.

I don’t necessarily believe this is an issue in music.¬† I believe it’s a human issue. We all need to open up and know it’s OK to have a bad day. But be kind to each other and care even the slightest bit about strangers. Be human.

LLTM: What does the touring schedule look like for “Saving Abel”¬† for the remainder of 2017?

Scott: We have a lot of upcoming dates and we are really excited about our tour called “The Redneck Rebellion Tour” with Soil* coming up September/October.

LLTM: Are there any expectations of a new “Saving Abel” album anytime in the near future?

Scott: We are riding now for a new record to be recorded in November/December 2017 and plan on having a single out early 2018.


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Getting To Know The Talented New York Based Hard Rock Musician “Ian Brown”

LLTM: Is there a reason you used your name as the band name, instead of coming up with a different name?

Ian: I honestly don’t want to keep it my name, but I make¬†and write ¬†everything myself so I was like “oh well there are a lot of artists that use their names”.

LLTM: With mental health being a big issue that is so hush-hush and people are afraid to talk about, what has been the response to your song/video “Anxiety”?

Ian: The response has been pretty good actually, I gained some new fans and had a few of them message me thanking me for making music, and that song in particular. I just want people to know that they are NOT alone.

LLTM: Who has been your biggest musical inspiration and can we hear that in your music?

Ian: It’s hard to narrow down to one artist but, for instance writing this new record I listened to a lot of Hinder*, Our Last Night* and Falling In Reverse*. As far as similarities, I kinda¬†write whatever comes out, I think every band would agree, that we don’t like to copy cat ha ha. However I’m sure you will be able to hear some similarities here and there throughout the album! But I’ve been told by different people that “This sounds like Skillet*, or this sounds like Crown The Empire*” ¬†One thing I keep hearing is that my voice sounds like Patrick Stump* of Fall Out Boy, Chester Bennington of Linkin Park, and even the original singer from Hinder*. So those are kind of cool things to hear!

LLTM: What has been the most difficult thing you came across in the music industry and what has been the easiest so far?

Ian: Difficult- ¬†would have to be getting my name out there and also getting in contact with “bigger” people is a tough thing to do. Easiest- I’d say (when it does happen) is having an awesome song just come right to you and you write it all down and make it as big as possible!

LLTM: If you could be any cartoon character who would it be and why?

Ian: Hmmm, that’s a tough one, I have to say Timmy Turner from “Fairly Odd Parents” because he can literally wish for anything he wants, I think that’d be so cool (for a while at least) haha.

LLTM: When was the defining moment in your life, when you knew you wanted to be a musician?

Ian: I feel like my whole life I’ve always been affected by music, but if I were to pinpoint a time I’d say I was probably 12 years old and I taught myself how to play guitar by listening to Green Day’s “American Idiot” album.

LLTM: If you could work with any artist (any genre), Dead or alive for one day, who will it be and why?

Ian: ¬†This is a super tough one, but I feel like it would have to be “Memphis May Fire” they just seem like a really cool group of dudes to hang out with¬†and their writing style is so unique.

LLTM: If you could claim any song as your own, which song would it be and why?

Ian: I feel like it would be a My Chemical Romance* song, “Welcome To The Black Parade” maybe? Those dudes knew how to make some hits!

LLTM: When can we expect a EP or a full length album to be released?

Ian: My new full length album “Never Be” (12 songs), I’m hoping to release in February 2018, But I will however have some surprises along the way! But my debut EP “Hand & Hearted” is still available on all online store so be sure to check that out!

LLTM: Are there any plans for touring in the future? 

Ian: There are definitely big plans for this project, but I am currently networking with promoters to figure all of that out! We will just have to wait and see!


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Song Review “Theosis – “Skies of Hell””¬†


“THEOSIS” is a talented and energetic, melodic death metal band from San Diego California.¬†

The band members consist of JOSH HASKINS-lead vocals, DANA ROSELLI- guitarist, LEE BURGOS-guitarist, SHANE SARPY- bass and last but not least OMAR GUITERREZ- drums.

Some of “Theosis” musical influences include PANTERA*, ¬†IRON MAIDEN*, SLAYER*, MEGADEATH*, ¬†LAMB OF GOD* AND JUDAS PRIEST*.

Once I first hit play to listen to the song “Skies of Hell”, I quickly realized that they definitely acquired some of the similar sounds and style from their musical influences starting with the absolutely amazing melodic and harmonic guitar riffs, and the vocals that you can sense the frustration through the lyrics, and man don’t forget about the hard-hitting drums! But they also have their very own type of sound and style. This song is full of amazing energy and will definitely get you moving.¬†

Some of the strong lyrics:

Questions directed into the sky

Yet still we beg, plead and then cry

Answers for me late from below

Of a pain this world should know

Black souls walk the world in perfect human disguise

Tragedy finds not the ones we all despise



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Getting To Know Marko DeSantis, Lead Guitarist and Co-Founder of The Amazing Rock Band “SUGARCULT”

LLTM: How was the band name Sugarcult created?

Marko: Well, it has to do with hippies and lesbians… When our singer Tim Pagnotta first moved away from home at age 18, he lived in an apartment across the hall from a¬†lesbian gang of sorts that play fully called themselves “the Sugar Cult”; according to a legend, a “Sugar Cult” was slang for an all girl (& possibly lesbian) hippie commune. It’s one of those cautionary tales of: be-careful-what-juvenile-pseudo-clever-idea-you-use-as-your-band-name-when-you’re-just-doing-it-as-a-fun-hobby… ’cause you might actually become professionals & get famous eventually!

LLTM: If Sugarcult could have a big come back tour with three bands,who would you want to be part of your lineup?

Marko: Our Singer Tim, has become an extraordinarily successful producer and I love many of the bands he’s made records for ( Neon Trees, Walk The Moon, Dreamcar, Waters, Coin, ect.) so it would be fun to bring some of them. And an underrated band we owe a lot to¬† for early influence and inspiration was the 90s band “Superdrag”, so maybe them. Then we probably throw in¬†the Foo Fighters, Green Day, ¬†Madonna, and/or Katy Perry a bone and let them play first.

LLTM: When was the big moment you realized wow we have made it?

Marko: There where a few watershed moments along the way: -about a year into being a local band (in our hometown Santa Barbara CA), when our friends stopped encouraging us to give it up & instead starting asking if we would put them on the guest list (+1); which meant, being at a Sugarcult show was becoming a hot date & could possibly get you laid! -When we 1st loaded our gear into the recording studio to make what would become “Start Static” (2001) -When we first heard our song “Stuck In America” randomly came on the radio while we were on tour, in our van, stuck in hopeless traffic on the way to Chicago. -When One of our all-time favorite bands, Green Day, invited us to be their opening act on their “American Idiot” tours of USA & Japan. Those where all some of this-feels-like-the-real-thing moments.

LLTM: You played your first show in six years on May 14, 2017 at the Fonda Theater in Los Angeles California, what took so long and why that particular venue and event?

Marko: Well, to be clear, that was not a Sugarcult show; it was in all star jam of sorts to raise awareness and money for Sweet Relief which helps musicians with health and medical needs. I was part of a supergroup for the night with my pals from the band 5 Seconds of Summer* (drummer Ashton Irwin & bassist Calum Hood; who, as it turns out, are big fans of Sugarcult!) and an old friend and former tour-mate John Feldmann from Goldfinger*, who is an incredibly successful  record producer now ( Blink 182*, All Time Low*, The Used*, etc). It felt so good to play in front of a big crowd and reminded me how much I love playing live!

LLTM: Of all the Sugarcult albums, which is your most accomplished piece of work in your opinion?

Marko: I know this sounds overly diplomatic in non-committal, but we love all of our children equally, even as diverse and unique as each of our records are, they were all really fun to make (not unlike actual children, by the way!) Sadly, our most overlooked record is probably our last one,”Lights Out”, which is probably the closest we came to achieving this sound and vibe we were searching for all along.

LLTM: If you had a one person audience who would you want it to be and why?

Marko: Maybe my mom so she could console me as I cried. In our early days I actually recall playing to a one person audience; the bartender at an empty dive bar show.

LLTM: What piece of advice would you have given yourself about the music industry when you first started in the 90s?

Marko: Pick your battles, don’t freak out about every little nuance in detail. Communicate more compassionately. Trust the process and be sure to keep it fun and romantic. It’s only rock ‘n’ roll!

LLTM: If you could walk in the shoes of anyone, dead or alive who would it be and who would you like to walk in your shoes?

Marko: We’re all on our own path, so I’m not so sure this would do any of us much good. Plus, I have very expensive taste in shoes, so y’all can just get your nasty paws the hell out of my Saint Laurents!

LLTM: Sugarcult has released six albums, when can we expect number seven?

Marko: I would love to make another Sugarcult Record, I still feel like our best is yet to come; our America Idiot, Joshua Tree, Exhile on Main Street, later-in-career classic y’know? ¬†The truth is, it’s all on our singer Tim Pagnotta; ¬†he’s The only one preventing us from making more music, playing shows, etc. He’s so busy with his career as a producer for other people’s records, that he simply has no interest in fronting his own band anymore. As sad as this makes me ( and our fans), ¬†I don’t blame him, if anything it makes me respect and admire him more than ever. He is a true artist that follows his heart and does what he’s passionate about and not just what’s expedient and expected of him. Tim could care less that there is a huge pop punk/emo revival happening right now, he is the least nostalgic and sentimental person I know. All that said, I think for those same reasons, when/if we make another Sugarcult Record, it won’t be a throwback to “Memory ” and “Bouncing Off The Walls”, it will be a living, breathing reflection of this day and age. Fingers crossed!

LLTM: Are there any plans of A full length tour this year if so when and if not, why?

Marko: Nothing on the books as of now. See above and do the math! I am hoping to do a book soon; so look for me out there doing guest lectures and speaking engagements, DJ gigs and hopefully jumping on stage with my guitar here in there with anyone that wants to party!
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Getting To Know Bassist Justin Mattea From OKC Based Hard Rock Band HYPERDOSE

LLTM: Is there a special meaning or a¬†back story¬†to the band name “Hyperdose”?

Justin: It is literally the fusing of two words. We spent about 6 months trying to come up with something. We had attempted “dose” with many words until Ben, put the word “Hyper” with it and we were hooked!
LLTM: Who has been your biggest musical inspiration since being in the music industry yourself?

Justin: Breaking Benjamin*, Papa Roach*, Red*, Shinedown* are all a big favorite of all of us and a huge inspiration.
LLTM: On your EP “Impact” which song are you the most proud of?

Justin: “Coming For¬†You” seems to be the favorite amongst us, but we felt like we got to show off some different dynamics and abilities on each song on the EP. With “Throw It Down”, we got to experiment a lot musically while displaying the Rap Rock style of the 2000’s Era Rock. “The Hunted” displays a Bass and Drum heavy type song, while “Impact” introduces strings to a complex arrangement.
LLTM: If you were stranded in the desert for 30 days and could only bring three items and water not being allowed, what would you bring and why?

Justin: Knife, Sunscreen and Capri Suns!
LLTM: If you only had the ability to use one of the five senses, seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling or touching, which one would you choose and why?

Justin: I would have to say seeing. It’s hard to imagine life without any of the senses, but not being able to see anyone or anything would be the worst!
LLTM: What band or artist has Hyperdose been compared to and do you agree?

Justin:¬†We have been compared to bands such as Shinedown*, Saliva*, Breaking Benjamin*… we have also been compared to many early 2000’s era bands when our style was at its peak!

LLTM: If you could claim any song as your own, which song would it be and why?

Justin: I personally would say probably one of the early Linkin Park* “Hybrid Theory” songs like “In The End” or “Crawling”. I remember growing up in that era and they just blew up, it would be cool to be a part of that!

LLTM: If you could trade anything for 30 days, to you perform with any artist for one hour, what would you trade and who would you perform with?

Justin: Linkin Park*….and my soul but only for 30 days ūüėČ
LLTM: Your most recent EP “Impact” was released May 2016, has the writing and recording process begin for your next EP or album, if so when can we expect it to be released?

Justin: We have been writing heavily since the “Impact” release and anticipate going into the studio around August for a late fall release of our next EP!

 LLTM: What does the tour schedule look like for the remainder of 2017?

Justin: We are focused on recording our next EP early this fall, then we will see what the tour schedule looks like!

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LLTM: What would you say are the advantages and disadvantages of being musically self taught?

Shawn: I would say the advantages of being musically self taught are that you have to work a lot harder to learn to play and it really teaches you discipline. I also think that being self taught for the first year and a half of my playing, helped me to develop my own style, that I would not have if I had taken lessons from the beginning. For instance, I developed my own picking style that suits the way I play, and while it is not considered correct to pick like this, it is when I feel comfortable doing. Some disadvantages are that it took a lot longer to develop my skills, and I didn’t learn music theory from the start, so I had to play catch-up with that as well.


LLTM: If you could be a part of any band for 1 year, who would it be and why?

Shawn: Iron Maiden- they have always been my favorite band. I’ve always loved their unique stage shows. The energy they put forth in their life shows is amazing, and something I would love to be a part of. I remember watching the  “Flight 666” documentary over and over thinking that this is the life I would like to have. Bruce Dickinson’s vocals are unmatched, Steve Harris is one of, if not the, greatest bass players ever, in Nicko McBrain is one of the greats on drums. Their guitar playing has always been a huge influence in the way I play guitar. They’re the first time I heard it around five years ago. The guitars drew me in, and I knew after listening to it for a while, but watching different videos of them playing, I knew that it was what I wanted to do. I found my dad’s old guitar, and started playing it because I wanted to be Dave Murray and Adrian Smith. Their music still inspires me to continue practicing and playing today.


LLTM: How important is it as a young musician like yourself to have support from family, friends and your local community?

Shawn: Support from family is essential for me. They have been my biggest support in fans, and have never missed a performance I have played in. In the area where I live, it is hard to find musicians my age that listen to, and play, the type of music I like. I hope to meet up with my future bandmates in college or wherever they may be. A lot of my friends do not listen to my type of music, and to be honest, I am so focused on practicing and playing, that I don’t have much of a social life! Also, there is not a big metal scene in the area where I live, so the community lacks interest, which is a shame.


LLTM: Who has been your biggest musical inspiration up til this point?

Shawn: Dave Mustaine of Megadeth.  I have always loved his playing, and his level of musicianship, as well as, the lyrical content that makes Megadeth’s  music so appealing to me. They have always been one of my favorite bands, and Dave Mustaine has always been one of my favorite guitarist and singer’s. I will never forget the first time I saw them live. It was my first concert, and it made me want to be in a metal band even more.


LLTM: Do you find it hard for people to take you seriously since you’re so young?

Shawn: No, I try and let my playing speak for itself.


LLTM: If you had your own band and could tour right now, where would you want to go and what 2 bands would be part of your lineup?

Shawn: I would love to tour all around the world. I haven’t been to many places outside of New York, so everywhere would be a new adventure for me. South America seems like a really great place to tour for metal band. It seems there are so many people there are going to heavy-metal, and then just go crazy for it. My lineup would not be surprising… Iron Maiden and Megadeth. I know the question says two bands, but I would also like to tour with Anthrax. I was fortunate enough to work for two different weeks with Scott Ian. He is a really great, down to earth guy. Working with him help me with my songwriting and gave me the confidence in myself, and the guidance, to continue writing songs. I also think it would be cool to tour with bands that are not necessarily metal. Two bands that I really love, that are not necessarily metal, but I would like to tour with are CHON and 3 Doors Down.


LLTM: What goals do you hope to accomplish in the next 5 years?

Shawn: First and foremost, I hope to be in a metal band touring around the world, living my dream. I would also like to have my college degree.


LLTM: What instruments can you play and which instrument(s) do you wish you could learn to play?

Shawn: Along with the guitar, I play the drums, bass, and keyboard. If I had to learn another instrument, I would learn to play the saxophone. I think it will be a cool instrument to expand my musical horizons.

LLTM: What is your favorite cover song to play on guitar?

Shawn: Tornado of Souls by Megadeth. The solo is always challenging to play, no matter how many times I play it. In my opinion, Marty Friedman is also one of the best guitar players ever. I implement a lot if his style into my own playing.


LLTM: When can we expect you to start doing shows?

Shawn: I wish I had an answer for this. Right now, I am in the process of finding bandmembers. Like I said before, it is hard to find musicians in my area that like metal music, and who are serious about performance as a career. Hopefully soon!

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LLTM: Is there a meaning or a back story to the band name “Life Is Short”?

Josh: I really hate picking band names. It’s so hard for me. Anything I thought of that I kind of liked it was already taken. When me and Jason (drummer) we’re putting our demos together to pick songs for our EP, we had a song (that made it on the EP) that had the line “life is short”. I searched Google and Facebook for a band called “Life is Short” and nothing came up so I made a Facebook page to clean your name and Jason liked it, so that’s it!

Jason: We are old and this is our last chance to make it happen so life is short and go for it.

LLTM: Who has been your biggest musical inspiration, and has it changed within the last 10 years?

Josh: I’m really a fan of ¬†everything¬†(except most electronic music which would make me not a fan of everything) but since I always end up¬†writing pop punk music, I try to draw from genres that are nothing like it. I also pull inspiration from things that are not music related to keep my mind being outside of the box. The biggest change in my influences have probably been my wife and daughter. They do nothing but love me even though my mind is all over the place.

Jason: Travis Barker has always been my inspiration, by the way he can make a small kit sound so large and put so much more intricacy into a punk song instead of just playing fast.


LLTM: If you could have a show at any venue and open for any band, where would the venue be and who would you open for?

Josh: Location would probably have to be somewhere I haven’t been to yet which is currently a lot of places! I’ve really been wanting do you go somewhere in the South Pacific within the last year or so. As far as bands to play with, as long as they’re down to earth and everyone is there to have a good time I’ll play with anyone.

Jason: Soma (San Diego) and open for Blink182.

LLTM: On your 2016 EP “Everything Never Intended” which song are you the most proud of?

Josh: I’m most proud of the last song “I’m Never Sarcastic Ever” mostly because I was able to finally use a riff I have wanted to use a song for a long time but also because I think it’s the most musical on the record.

Jason: “Up In Arms”

LLTM: If you had the choice as a musician to either be deaf or blind, which one would you rather live with and why?

Josh: Is “neither” an option? LOL both would be terrible.

Jason: Deaf- I like to see the world and hate hearing my mistakes.

LLTM: Where would you like to see “Life Is Short” in the next 5-10 years?

Josh: Still playing and writing is always a good thing.

Jason: Being paid to play as full time musicians.

LLTM: What’s been the most memorable moment while in the music industry so far?

Josh: When Jason (drummer) said he ” looks up to me like a father”

Jason: Just meeting new people.

LLTM: If you could pick one of your songs to be on a soundtrack for any movie, which song and movie would you pick and why?

Josh: “Everything Never Intended”… Jaws

Jason: “Birds And Bees” …50 Shades Of Grey

LLTM: Can we expect any shows coming up this spring/summer?

Josh: We do! Check our Facebook to stay posted.

Jason: Yes!

LLTM: Has the writing/ recording process began for a new album, if so when can we expect the release date to be?

Josh: Yep! Hopefully this fall!

Jason: Kinda- The Fall.


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Hope Romine







Getting To Know Lead Vocalist Blake Melanson, From Houston Based Punk Band “Backdrop Violet”

LLTM: Is there a meaning or back story to the band name “Backdrop Violet”?

Blake: Yes. When I started the band, I was kind of interested in the entire aspect of irony. And I was just thinking at work one day, could there be beautiful irony? Beautiful like flowers. So “Backdrop Violet” means beautiful irony. Beautiful flower, and it’s ironic to write “Backdrop” on a Backdrop.

LLTM: Being based in Houston TX, does that seem to have any influence on your sound or style?

Blake: On our first EP “Madness”, definitely. All 5 songs are based around our lives in Houston and how not only living here¬†affected us but just how everyday life affects. Especially, in the song “A Train Headed For Normalville” in which I talk about how I feel when it comes to city constantly.


LLTM: If you could be any cartoon character, who would you be and why?

Blake: Probably Felix The Cat or Roger Rabbit. Haha I like really old cartoons.

LLTM: Who has been your biggest musical inspiration and can we hear a sense of it in your music?

Blake: I honestly have a couple that are so important to me that it’s hard to pick¬† just one, but I’d have to say The Used*, 30 Seconds To Mars*, My Chemical Romance*, and¬†Papa Roach*. There are more that definitely inspired me, but not as much as those 4.

LLTM: With you being so young, what has been the most difficult thing about the music industry so far?

Blake: I think it would have to be, understanding that there is always going to be people in the industry that act like they are better than you. Which I’m not saying the “Backdrop Violet” is the best band in the world but, I mean just as people. Also, understand that the industry is a hard one. And learning that business isn’t only a wall street vocabulary word hahaha.

LLTM: If you could replace any of your band members for 1 show and replace them with a legend, who would you replace and who would be the replacement?

Blake: Haha, I’d replace myself with Jared Leto or Elvis.

LLTM: What original song are you most proud of?

Blake: Off of the first EP I’d have to say “First Taste of Glory” Because that song stayed with us for a year and a half when making that EP. Not only that but that was the first song we ever wrote as a band. If not that song, it would be a song that is not yet released called “Sweet Ambien” which I wrote when I was 16.

LLTM: If one of your songs could be on a movie soundtrack, which song and movie would you choose?

Blake: A new song called “Skipper” and it would be on the remake of “The Breakfast Club” haha.

LLTM: Any shows/tours planned this upcoming summer?

Blake: There will be very exciting shows for us this summer and possibly Texas Tours haha.. Very excited for this summer because these shows are going to be so much fun.

LLTM: Has the writing/recording process began, if so when can we expect a new album/EP  release?

Blake: We have been recording our new and first full length album for about 5 months now. We are actually going to be releasing a lone single for a song called “Who Wants To Be Bad” And then at the end of this year we will be releasing singles for our new album itself planned to release early 2018.

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