About ME

   Hi music fans my name is Hope Romine and I’m a mom of 3 teenagers and after them,  my next greatest love is music. Just like music, I can be silly or I can be serious..I believe music is a cure all and has gotten me through so many things that nothing or no one else could, I ❤ music and I also love to write! I love to learn about new bands/musicians and if their GREAT they need to be heard by as many people as possible!! But I also will never forget about music/musicians that got me through life! I have to admit I’m still at times stuck in the 90’s 🙂  I’ve always been a person full of questions and this is a great way to get some answers.

LITTLE MISS GREEN EYES (written 7/17/16 /By: Hope Romine)

Lil miss Green eyes

She’s full of smiles

That’s hidden by lies

She’s showing love

But feeling pain

Wondering what in the world

There is for her to gain

She’s living a life full of misery

A sense of pain that no one else can see

She has a heart of gold

But her soul was given to the devil and already sold

She’s ready to be free and fly

Spreading her wings, She’s willing to try

Then she opened her heart and opened her mind

She can’t believe this treasure she did find

Lil Miss Green eyes

She’s full of smiles that’s hidden with truth

She’s waiting for that “One Call Away” from Charlie Puth

Her confidence is lacking

Her nerves are attacking

Can she ever really be that happy?